Rebekah Carter's Piano Studio

Rebekah Carter, NCTM -- Nationally Certified Piano Instructor

Monthly Tuition:

$200 -- 60 minutes weekly

$175 -- 45 minutes weekly

$150 -- 30 minutes weekly

How frequently are lessons?

  • Once per week

What ages and levels do you teach?

  • Ages 4 and up
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced 

What equipment do I need?

  • Piano -- be prepared to have it tuned twice per year.  Dunkley Music Store (Meridian, ID) has certified piano tuners and a wide selection of quality new and used pianos for purchase.  If purchasing from an individual (e.g. Facebook Marketplace) or accepting a piano for free, it is highly recommended to have a certified piano technician examine the instrument first. 
  • Note: I do not recommend purchasing a digital keyboard.  It affects the progress and technique of the student.
  • Music books -- these are assigned to the student during the first lesson.  
  • Consistent practice time.  Students need 30+ minutes of focused practice time in a quiet space in the home, 5+ days per week.  Young beginners (ages 4-6) need 15+ minutes, 5+ days per week.  Intermediate and Early Advanced students need 60+ minutes, 5+ days per week.  Advanced students need 2 hours or more, 5+ days per week.  
  • Time -- parents are strongly encouraged to stay during lessons.  Students retain interest longer and make better progress when parents are aware of what the student is learning, supportive and present.  Young students (usually ages 11 and younger) will need parental reminders to practice at home (a chart/calendar can help) and assistance at home to master the concepts learned at the lesson.

Which lesson length will my student be placed in?  

  • 30-minute lessons are for very young beginners (age 4-6).  As the student's natural ability to focus, maturity level, and musical proficiency increases, they will be placed in 45-minute lessons.  
  • 45-minute lessons are for young beginners (ages 6-10).  As the student's musical proficiency increases, they will be placed in 60-minute lessons.    
  • 60-minute lessons are for elementary, middle school, high school, college, and adult students, by placement.  
  • Lesson lengths are determined by placement to allow enough time each week to work with the instructor on building a healthy foundational technique, musicianship skills, music reading skills, theory knowledge, and the study of repertoire together.  

Which curriculum does your studio use?

  • Young Beginners (Ages 4-10): Piano Safari.  Piano Safari is a "holistic approach combining ears, eyes, and imagination that allows children to become musically literate at the piano".  This curriculum has a unique emphasis on teaching piano technique and music reading skills even at the earliest ages through engaging repertoire, improvisation pieces, sight-reading and rhythm exercises, written theory work, technique pieces, and an intervallic music-reading approach combined with individual "sight note" recognition.  Very young students (ages 4-6) may be placed in a preschool-specific curriculum before transitioning to Piano Safari.  (e.g. Wunderkeys, My First Piano Adventures, Music for Little Mozarts, independent music/aural training exercises and games, etc.) 
  • OMTA Syllabus Curriculum.  Includes training in essential piano musicianship skills and music theory concepts, including Major and minor scales, modes, arpeggios, common chord progressions, V7 chords, chord inversions, ear training, sight reading, rhythm reading, music vocabulary, and the study of repertoire from the different eras of classical music: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary, and Impressionistic.
  • Older Beginners (Ages 11-Adult): Piano Safari for the Older Beginner.  Faster and more mature progression than the regular Piano Safari curriculum, designed for older beginners.  The pieces are appealing to play, use pedal, and sound "polished" even at the beginning stages of learning. 
  • Transfer Students: Students will be assessed in four areas: musical literacy, technique, musicianship, and practice habits.  This assessment is conducted for the purpose of setting up the student and instructor for success by identifying areas of strength and areas for further development.  Students will be assigned appropriate repertoire based on the assessment results.  Students will also be placed in the corresponding Syllabus level of study.
  • If a transfer student is significantly underdeveloped in one of the four assessment areas, the instructor may recommend focusing instruction on that area until it is satisfactorily developed.  The instructor will set an individualized plan for growth and achievement goals after conducting the assessment at the first lesson.

What should I expect when I start piano lessons?

  • At the first lesson, parent and student meet the teacher, review expectations and policies, and pay the monthly tuition.  Student will be taught about the instrument, how it works, and the beginning techniques of playing.
  • A signed policies page is required at the start of each school year.
  • Once registered for lessons, you will receive a Student Portal account.  Set up your username and password to access lesson notes and the Zoom link for online lessons.
  • Parent should ensure student is prepared weekly, having adequate practice time at home.
  • Bring all books and materials to each lesson.  
  • Arrive and leave on time.  
  • Lesson payments are due at the start of the first lesson each month.
  • Purchase any needed supplemental music books and materials throughout the year.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in recitals, competitions, and festivals throughout the year.  
  • Check email and Facebook page regularly for updates.  A calendar of events is provided at the start of lessons and the start of each school year.

"My children have been taking lessons from Rebekah for several years now, and we are so impressed with her skill, her teaching methods, and the overall experience my children get under her instruction. They aren't just learning to play the piano, but they are receiving a thorough education in music. Rebekah is very concise, professional and organized, making the parents' job much easier. My children are sent home from lessons knowing exactly what she expects from them, and she is so great about communicating with me as well. We greatly appreciate what she brings to our community, and what she has provided for our family. She gets nothing less than the highest recommendations from us!" -- Brynna S.