Rebekah Carter's Piano Studio

Monthly Tuition

Lessons are billed at a regular monthly tuition rate.   The monthly tuition already takes into account time off for holidays, school breaks, and sick days.  Thus, monthly tuition will not be prorated, refunded, or cancelled due to illness, student vacations, school breaks, or any other reason.  (The exception is summer – there are no lessons and no monthly tuition in summer.)  

The monthly invoice is sent 7 days before the 1st of the month.  Payments are due by the beginning of the first lesson each month.   Payment reserves the student’s regular weekly lesson time for that month.  Students are expected to have regular attendance, arrive and leave on time, and cancel only when necessary.

The invoice amount may be higher than the regular tuition rate if additional charges are present (e.g. music books, recital fees).  Accepted forms of payment are Zelle, Venmo, online banking bill pay, checks, and cash.  


Rescheduling should only be done when absolutely necessary (e.g. doctor appointment).  If you need to reschedule a lesson, use the Parent Contact List to coordinate a trade with another parent, then contact the instructor to inform of the trade.  Alternatively, you may contact the instructor to ask if there are any other openings available that week.  However, it is not another parent’s obligation to trade a lesson time with you, nor is it the instructor’s obligation to reschedule outside of your regular lesson time.  In addition, the instructor will not reschedule outside of regular studio hours.


An annual calendar of events is provided at the start of each school year.   This calendar is also available on the studio website.  There are opportunities year-round for recitals, competitions, and festivals.

There are no lessons on non-school dates, according to the  West Ada School District Calendar.  This includes holidays, school breaks, and summer.   These dates will be included on the annual calendar.


Do not bring the student to the studio if they, or a member of the same household, have any symptoms of illness.  Contact the instructor about an online lesson instead.  If the student is too unwell for an online lesson, contact the instructor to cancel.  Likewise, if the instructor is sick, the lesson will be online or cancelled.  The monthly tuition rate takes into account sick days.  As such, cancellations due to illness will not be refunded or prorated.

Masks are optional in the studio.  

Online Lessons

Online lessons are on Zoom.  Log into the student portal.  Click on the lesson date.  Set up the camera so the instructor can see the student’s hands and body profile, and the piano keys.  (A higher angle is best.)  For best audio/visual, consider using an external microphone and camera to connect to your device.  The instructor may request you to send images of the student’s repertoire prior to the lesson.

Discontinuing Lessons

If discontinuing lessons, give notice to the instructor prior to the invoice sent 7 days before the first of the month.  Later notice will result in responsibility to pay that month’s invoice.   The instructor reserves the right to discontinue lessons for any student for any reason, including, but not limited to, insufficient practice, failure to follow studio policies, or inability to find a compatible lesson time in the schedule.