Rebekah Carter's Piano Studio

Rebekah Carter, NCTM -- Nationally Certified Piano Instructor

"My eight year old daughter has been taking lessons from Rebekah for 6 months now. I have been very impressed with her enthusiasm, knowledge, and perspective on piano lessons. My daughter has learned so much!! We are working on correct technique and retraining her muscle memory from incorrect piano teachers she’s had before. I love how she seems so much more engaged and “into” her music now, through her technique, posture, and muscle memory. It’s been fun to witness, I’m excited for her piano future and know we are with the right teacher. Thanks for being so kind and complimentary. I appreciate the positive reinforcement you give during lessons and the exactness for what to practice at home written down in her notebook. Thanks, Rebekah!"  

-- Serene S. (Fruitland, ID)

"Rebekah Carter is teaching my daughter, Elli, about music through the piano.  Elli has grown as a musician under her teaching.  Her skill as a communicator, deep musical knowledge, patience and enthusiasm are sewn in the fabric of her passion for sharing the gift of music.  We look forward to Elli's progression through Rebekah's thoughtful and organized approach.  I highly recommend Rebekah to anyone who is just starting out or is looking to improve their playing."  

-- Todd T. (Portland, OR)

"My children are ages 5 and 8, and this is their first experience with private music lessons.  We have been very happy with Park Place Music Academy.  I highly recommend Rebekah for beginning piano!  She is warm and patient, but also very efficient with her use of lesson time.  She has been a great fit for my son."  

-- Gina (Lake Oswego, OR)

"Rebekah has been teaching my son piano weekly for the last five months. In that time, he has made great progress in both his level of skill and his level of interest. Rebekah addresses all aspects of music in her lessons (musicality, mood, flow, tone, melody, as well as basic skills), and provides meticulous notes that guide him when he practices on his own. I highly recommend Rebekah as a teacher for kids at any level of musical experience and expertise. Thank you Rebekah for being such a fabulous and inspiring teacher."

-- Savi S. (Beaverton, OR)

"I highly recommend Rebekah Carter as a piano teacher. We've had our children (ages 9, 13, 16 and 18) taking lessons with her for the past two years. She is demanding, yet patient. She is constantly improving her own piano playing skills as well as her teaching skills by attending conferences throughout the state. Mrs. Carter uses an efficient computer software billing program which emails us an itemized bill prior the beginning of each month. She places a strong emphasis on theory and technique for each of her students and has them work on pieces from several genre at any given time. Mrs. Carter prepares her students for 2 recitals per year as well as the Spring piano festival held at TVCC. She also uses the OMTA Syllabus program to help her students master appropriate theory material as well as repertoire. My children have previously taken lessons from four other local teachers and Rebekah Carter is the best!"

 -- Kate D. (Ontario, OR)

" energetic and Starburst candy!"

-- Ella D. (Ontario, OR)

"...understands me and makes me feel capable..."

-- Libby D. (Ontario, OR)

"As a classical voice teacher at Cornish, it was a pleasure working with Rebekah as an accompanist to several of our voice majors.  She took direction, offered insights, and worked hard to support the singer in every possible way.  Her skills were already good at that time--I can well imagine her expertise now!  I would happily hire her again as an accompanist if only she lived closer to me!"

-- Dr. Natalie Lerch, Professor of Voice, Cornish College of the Arts (Seattle, WA)